Reichstagsgebäude / Bundestag Berlin
Reichstagsgebäude / Bundestag Berlin


Status and Outlook

At this point in time, in mid-January, nobody knows what the COVID situation will be in May of 2023. However, we can share some (positive) updates:

  • At the moment, the government plan is to avoid lockdowns and restrictions on everyday life and we count on this in our event planning.
  • If you arrive from other countries, and need to return there: There have in the past been requirements for either vaccination or testing before travel, both from Germany and possibly your home country. None of these appear to be in force at the moment to our knowledge.
    For cross-border travel, please monitor your local regulations and remember to carry the required documentation.
  • Medical/FFP2/N95 masking requirements are set go out of force in early February!
  • If you or a family member should fall ill, please make sure to take out travel cancellation/travel curtailment insurance that covers your bookings. Arriving from abroad, please make sure you have sufficient travel health insurance.

We will of course observe both government and local authority mandates, also some locations we plan to visit may still require masking (currently for example underground tours and tours in confined spaces).

Self test kits are currently widely available in pharmacies, drug stores and some supermarkets. Public testing stations (payable) exist, but on a smaller scale, and the regulatory basis for those might change and they may disappear by May.

We will update this information on the COVID situation as things develop and the event approaches.

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