Reichstagsgebäude / Bundestag Berlin
Reichstagsgebäude / Bundestag Berlin


How to make your booking

To keep the booking process manageable for our small team, we are using an external booking system hosted by the German vendor "pretix".

Please keep the following in mind

  • Please make a seperate booking per person.
    We will produce your badges from these bookings and you will be able to download and print them from May.
  • You are welcome to send a bank transfer for sevaral people at once. However, please give all booking references in full in the reference field, so we can have the system match them for us.
  • Bank transfers from outside the EU/SEPA region
    For our friends from North America, bank transfers are costly on your end (we have seen deductions of 20 EUR) as well as on our end (our bank charges us 17,50 EUR incoming). If any of you has experience with services like (formerly Transferwise) or maybe look into them?
    Paypal would also cost us 5% we would need to pass on and credit card acceptance for internet is hard to get due to fraud concerns.
  • The events are split into categories like morning and afternoon, please pick one from each category only, this will prevent you from booking overlapping events. If you receive an error message that you picked too many options please be aware ALL selections will be cleared and will need to be re-done.
  • If you are travelling with children under 14: Please read the note on the start page of the booking process re. childrens prices.

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