KLM Europatreffen in Lübeck für Lange Menschen

Welcome in Lübeck

Council for tall people

Dear friends, 

the 50. annual meeting of the tall people will take place in Lübeck, some 60 km north-east of Hamburg. During the week, we´d like to show you what we love about Lübeck - and of course, there is plenty of time to meet and chat and explore the old town of Lübeck with its cobble stones, old buildings and a lot, a lot of nice shops!

The booking platform is finally open and you can start your registration. Please keep the following aspects in mind:

Each person has to fill out an individual registration. This also applies for couples or families with kids.
For some events you either can choose a meal ahead or a buffet is included. There will only be a course without pork and something for vegetarians available. Other intollerances or diets can not be considered in this planing.
The first E-mail you get after sending off the registration only lists all events and information of the form. The final and binding confirmation is sent in second E-mail, which also informs about the total amount you need to pay, the bank details and the general terms and conditions.
If you have any questions, please contact us. Have fun making plans and signing up for the 50th Europatreffen. The conditions of participation are available for download (see below).

The deadline to register is the 15th March 2018. 


conditions of participation

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