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#DUISBURG ist echt - Holger Schnieder

#Duisburg is real - Holger Schnieder

Europatreffen 2025 - Duisburg/Germany

DEEP in the west ...... Duisburg in the so called „Ruhrpott"

For a long time, the Ruhr area had to struggle with a dirty image within Germany. The region is hardly recognizable today and offers visitors an insight into the former industrial culture, interesting museums and thus creates a very special attitude to life.

Duisburg is located at the west of the Ruhr area - more precisely on the edge of the Lower Rhine and Ruhr area and thus at the mouth of the Ruhr into the Rhine. The city was first mentioned in 883 AD. Today, Duisburg with about 500,000 inhabitants is in 15th place in the list of the largest cities in Germany.

The city's famous personalities include the cartographer Gerhard Mercator, the opera singer Rudolf Schock, the cabaret artist Christian Ehring, the TV sports presenter Dieter Kürten and also the former soccer player and women's national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg. Furthermore, Duisburg is the home of cool guys like the TV crime thriller character "Schimanski" or the boxer Graciano Rocchigiani. Of course, the Haniel and Thyssen entrepreneurial families are also among the important pillars of the city.



European Meeting from 25th of Mai to 1st of June 2025

As part of the European Meeting 2025, we invite you to "experience" Duisburg and the Ruhr area on foot, by bike, by bus and, of course, the largest inland port in the world from a ship. Get an insight with us into past times, into the lifestyle of the upper bourgeoisie and into structural change. Enjoy the many green sides of the "Pott". Former slag heaps have become artificial mountains, which today offer a view not only of the Rhine, but also of the entire Ruhr area with interesting works of art.

Despite the big city flair, a week together with short distances, many joint leisure activities with a wide variety of gastronomy and hotels within walking distance in the centre await you.

The daily get-together in the evening will not be neglected either.

You can get an insight into the planned program here.




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